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Burkle Events – Jenni & Natalie Welcomes You !!!

Say Hi to Jennifer and Natalie

Hello There..We love weddings!! Planning and crafting is in our blood. It all started when our mother, Sarah owned a floral and décor studio in Indiana. Growing up we always went with her to the shop and would create our own arrangements and create our own make believe weddings. Even through high school and college we were always throwing parties for our friends and family, hosting dinners parties or throwing social galas for our sororities. When Natalie met the love of her life David, we fell back in love with weddings. In planning Natalie’s wedding we thought it would be a breeze as we were trained professionals (our many make believe weddings).

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We had all the details finished from all of our DIY projects to her timeline down to the minute. On her wedding day we didn’t plan for the limo driver to be late in turn making us late for the ceremony and missing crucial photos due to the sun setting. After her wedding we felt there was a lack of information for newly engaged brides and we knew we could be a great resource for you and help you navigate through the wedding process and help you forego the mess and stress we felt at Natalie’s wedding. We pride ourselves in making your planning process fun from start to finish and live by the Your Wedding, It’s all in the Details! Motto. We are so grateful to be doing what we love and weddings truly are our passion.

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Jennifer and NatalieBride Interview with Jennifer and Natalie, Professional
Bridal Consultant™ and owners of Burkle Events.

Please take a moment to read this before hiring Jennifer and Natalie and
their planning team:

How long have you been doing this, and how did you become a wedding planner?

We love weddings and it’s in our blood. Our mom, Sarah started our obsession with weddings. She owned a floral and design studio and we always tagged along and soon we had our own desks creating our own make believe weddings ☺ Through high school and college we were always creating dinner parties and hosting social gathering for our sororities, When Natalie met the love of her life, David and became engaged, we found ourselves planning her dream wedding…Natalie was the epitome of the self-motivated, DIY bride, with handmade invitations, hairpieces for the flower girls, meticulous spreadsheets and concurring with her budget daily, the way people nowadays update their Facebook status on a daily basis. She planned as if her life depended on it, and thought she had everything down to a science…Until her wedding day arrived. And things happened that we could not have even imagined would happen—the limo arrived late and the driver did not know where he was going our ceremony was then late, causing us to miss important outdoor photos because of low lighting.…she was devastated by this. She did not get the wedding “I envisioned”, and what’s worse, all of these mishaps could have been avoided in the first place.

After Natalie’s wedding, we felt there was a lack of information out there for brides and we knew we could become a great resource for newly engaged brides and help them forego the mess and stress we felt at Natalie’s wedding. In the Spring of 2006, We decided to take a leap of faith in launching our own business, Burkle Events. Leaving both of our full time jobs, me being a high school teacher and Natalie an executive at an Insurance company—our aptitude of managing multiple projects at once, competing priorities and balancing funds within tight budgets, but now instead, I’m helping to change how brides and groom have their wedding experience.


We love your wedding planning services and gallery. Everything sounds great. So, can you tell me what really sets you apart from other wedding planners out there?

I did not have my dream wedding, even though wedding planning came natural to me. Like many of you, I share in your experience of being the DIY bride. I knew I’d be able to get the details done, but what I never planned for, was what was to happen on the day itself. It was a very painful experience to not have your dream day.

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Our mission of Your Wedding, It’s all in the details stems from the belief that each wedding is unique, and that each couple’s values should be reflected in their planning experience, and on their day—what bride would be happy if all I did was reflect my tastes? Quite honestly, that would be boring, if all I did was plan weddings to suit my interests. Our past clients would tell you that in working with us, not only will you find someone who is here emotionally for you, but that I am skilled at working hard to be sure you receive a personalized experience. In addition, I specialize in planning only one wedding a weekend. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this video yet of us planning one of our weddings, be sure you watch it. This is an example of what I can provide for you on your day:


This all sounds wonderful…But it also seems expensive, an added expense to my already tight budget. Are we going to be able to afford this?

You can’t afford NOT to! The mistake of not having my dream day, taught me that it’s not just about planning “the” perfect wedding, it’s about the emotions that go with what YOU feel is about having the perfect wedding. Because of this, We truly believe that every bride should have a planner—at the very least, for the day-of—and hence why we made our packages affordable for all budgets. We also offer customize packages to fit your specific needs.

Plus, we’ve had the experiences of hearing from brides who felt we were “too expensive”, but later found out that they went over their budgets (sometimes WAY over), all because they didn’t know what they were doing. Remember that this is my profession. Contrary to what many believe, a planner should be part of your wedding budget, not an extra expense. Plus, we’ll save you time and money. Your time is precious, and like most, the vendors you are trying to contact are probably taking lunch the same time you are, or are working until 5PM like you (and you don’t want to be planning on your company’s time, do you?).

So, we suggest that you really sit and think about what your dream wedding looks like to you, what you’re envisioning…Really seriously think this through (write it down!). And contact us for your complimentary “get acquainted” session, so that we can really talk about your dreams, see if we’re a good fit, and how together, we can create your wedding vision. It doesn’t sound that expensive now, does it?


Our Locations

We are proud to provide wedding planning services and event planning services to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota and surrounding areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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